12 Eco-Friendly & Durable Camping Packing List Essentials

12 Eco-Friendly & Durable Camping Packing List Essentials

Setting off on a camping adventure brings you a lot closer to nature, but the real joy is spending time with the people you love, making new memories that will last a lifetime, and knowing you’re doing your part in helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. 

To make your trip as eco-conscious as possible, careful planning and packing are key. This guide will help you pick products that reduce your environmental impact. From sustainable materials and versatile gear, we’re here to help make your next camping trip greener than ever. 

So next time you venture off into the woods, you’ll proudly do your part in preserving it for future generations.

Here’s how we pick and choose products:

  • We do our research! We carefully sift through customer reviews to make sure what we’re recommending is top notch quality outside of the screen and consumers like you agree too.
  • Hands-on testing: we evaluate each product’s performance, durability, ease of use, and other critical factors that are also evaluated in the long-term.
  • Each brand has a mission dedicated to human-beings like all of us and an environmental impact that will change the world in the long run. 
  • We mostly tend to lean towards brands that you probably haven’t heard of - the underdogs that are doing the most and not getting all the recognition they deserve.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Classic Signature Hammock ($199)

Mlabri weavers are at the heart of Yellow Leaf Hammocks. Men and women of the Mlabari tribe in Thailand are ethically employed by Yellow Leaf Hammocks in an effort to make a substantial change within the village and other rural Thailand communities. Not only are they ethically made and sourced, but each hammock can be easily packed down to a size of a football and made with fabric that will never rot, mold or mildew – the perfect camping accessory to lounge in between fireplace hangs. 

Gentlemen’s Hardware

Travel Metal Straw Set ($18)

When you’re out in the wilderness and traveling light - a reusable straw is an absolute must-have. This variety from Gentlemen’s Hardware is made with campers and travelers in mind, offering 4 metal straws, a cleaning tool, a small pouch for storage, and a carabiner to attach onto your backpack.


Wash Bag ($55)

The Scrubba Portable Wash Bag is an easy + environmentally-friendly way to wash your clothes while you’re on a camping trip. Compact and eco-conscious, the brand is dedicated to sustainability and social practices through their partnership with 1% for the Planet, being Climate Neutral Certified, and using quality, recycled materials to ensure a long lifespan and less waste. 


Golden Hour Wipes ($20)

Ever heard of insect repellent wipes? The Golden Hour Wipes from Kinfield are made with all-natural ingredients, including Citronella, Lemongrass, and Clove Bud, which effectively repel mosquitoes without harsh chemicals that could harm the environment. The brand was first inspired by the founder's camping trip to Yosemite, igniting her mission to empower others to embrace their best outdoor lives!


Travel Laundry Detergent ($15.99)

Planning on hand washing your clothes? Nonaste’s all-natural travel-size laundry detergent is an environmentally safe option that you can feel good about using. The biodegradable ingredients are color-safe, phosphate-free, and formulated to remove odors and sweat residue. It’s simple: just soak your clothes with the detergent for 20 minutes, plop them in a bucket, and rinse with clean water. There’s no need for any labor, and you can dispose of the detergent water outside without harming the environment.

Pang Wangle

Insect Repelling Blanket ($128)

Sometimes only packing an insect repellent isn’t enough to keep those mosquitoes away – this insect-repelling blanket from Pang Wangle is handmade by skilled Indian artisans using a hand-cranked Charkha wheel in the ancient textile tradition celebrated by Mahatma Gandhi. The soft material, made using unique Insect Shield technology, is large enough to keep two people protected all night in your tent.


Stio Skycrest Jacket ($185)

The Stio Skycrest Jacket is going to be your BFF for those chilly nights sitting by the fire. This jacket is made with 100% post-consumer plastic bottles in the form of Thermore's Ecodown. Ecodown is the only durable thermal insulation made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles. Its synthetic, insulated, waterproof design is crafted to be a durable solution for those cool nights.

Lazy Coconut

Mouthwash Tablets Kit ($15.95)

Lazy Coconuts provides mouthwash tablets as a convenient, eco-friendly alternative to traditional mouthwash (that you can take on the go). These compact tablets easily fit into your backpack or pocket and include 60 tablets, a silicon cup, and a silicone container for storage. The tablets are alcohol-free and feature natural menthol and thymol for gentle oral care.

Out of the Woods

Seagull Cooler ($40)

Keep your drinks cool with this unique variety from Out of the Woods! Their “Supernatural Paper” material is made using recycled paper while looking and feeling like leather. The brand’s environmentally friendly approach to bags is quite impressive, with their sustainable manufacturing efforts and membership in 1% For the Planet.

Dr. Bronner’s

18-in-1 Castile Liquid Soap ($18)

The only soap you’ll need to pack for your camping trip is the 18-in-1 Castile Liquid Soap from Dr. Bronner’s. This multi-functional, all-natural soap can be used as shampoo, an all-purpose cleaner, body wash, bug spray, and much more. The brand doesn’t use any synthetic ingredients or chemicals—only certified fair trade ingredients that won’t harm the environment in the long run.


Leaf Mini Solar Charger ($39)

Sunnybag ensures that your phone stays fully charged all day long with its powerful 5W solar charger. The LEAF MINI features SunPower solar cells, renowned for their impressive 22.4% efficiency. It can charge a variety of USB devices, including phones, tablets, and other outdoor tech gear. Its waterproof design is built to be durable and last all your outdoor hiking adventures!

Ocean Bottle  

Recycled Stainless Steel Drinks Reusable Water Bottle ($60)

Last but not least - you absolutely need a reusable water bottle. This durable water bottle from Ocean Bottle is made from 90% recycled stainless steel, ocean-bound plastics, and silicone rubber. Plus, for every bottle sold, the brand collects 25 lbs of plastic (about 1,000 plastic water bottles). There are endless reusable water bottles on the market, but this one stands out in particular for its dedication to sustainability and saving the planet.

Thoughtfully curated with your sustainable goals in mind 

Now that you know all the best sustainable camping essentials, you can confidently enjoy your trip with your mind at ease. With countless options available, our curated selection simplifies your search as a nature lover and consumer.