7 LGBTQIA+ Brands to Support This Pride Month

7 LGBTQIA+ Brands to Support This Pride Month

As we come together this Pride Month to honor the progress made within the LGBTQIA+ community over the past century, it's also an excellent opportunity to show our support for LGBTQIA+ businesses.

We’re excited to spotlight a few awesome LGBTQIA+ brands that deserve your attention—not just in June, but all year long. 

By supporting these businesses, we are fostering inclusivity and pushing equality, all while contributing to a more diversely owned marketplace. 

Our dedication to inclusivity and representation 

We value inclusivity and representation in the commerce marketplace, which is why we cheer on LGBTQIA+ businesses and encourage consumers like you to support them!

Suay Sew Shop

Suay Sew Shop is a sustainable sewing and production company that creates apparel, furniture upholstery, quilts, and more using recycled textiles. This LGBTQIA+ owned small business has been giving back to their LA community since their inception in 2017 and continues to donate their upcycled fashion items to a number of organizations today. Giving back and promoting sustainable fashion initiatives are at the core of this brand’s mission. Say no more to fast fashion and embrace a more eco-friendly, community-driven approach with Suay Sew Shop!

Nose Best Candles 

Nose Best Candles is a proud POC, women-led, and LGBTQ+ owned shop based in Brooklyn, NY, with a mission to provide a cheeky way to “remix your senses'' with their hand-poured and handcrafted candles. Everything is hand-poured in Brooklyn, made with 100% soy wax, cotton core wicks, and is phthalate-free, containing no mutagens or carcinogens. A portion of their Pride Brunch collection proceeds benefit the Trinity Place Shelter, a safe, affirming haven where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) youth and young adults in New York City can access the skills and resources needed to exit the cycle of homelessness.

iLAH Jewelry 

iLAH Jewelry is a queer, woman-owned brand that stands by its inclusive and sustainable values through custom-made jewelry crafted with ethically sourced diamonds – and a whole lot of love. The brand’s flagship store in New England is one of the few queer-owned jewelry shops in the region and the only store in New England to carry the world’s first carbon-negative diamond, Aether Diamonds. The owner, Ilah, ensures her witty sense of humor diffuses through the brand, making shopping for diamonds a relaxed and fun experience for everyone.

Biology Fragrances

Biology Fragrances is an AAPI and LGBTQIA+ owned brand that prides itself on its eco-conscious pursuits by using paraben-free, phthalate-free, and high-quality natural ingredients to create fragrances you can feel good about. The founder, Steve Sun, has a background in collecting unique flea market finds and growing up as a first-generation Chinese American, which has shaped his understanding of sustainability and inclusivity. Combined with his love for design and fragrance, this has resulted in a unique brand that leaves a lasting impression in the world of perfumery and design. The brand’s give-back initiatives to organizations around the world is just the cherry on top!

Keep It Savory Co.

The founder of Keep It Savory Co. is on a mission to season your foods with delicious sea salt mixes using fresh ingredients that are also sustainably and sustainably better. The brand has been in business for a decade and has a wide variety of options – from the award-winning mix Vanilla Bean Sea Salt to Lavender Sea Salt, a unique variation you don’t normally see at your local grocery stores. The LGBTQIA+ owned brand sources their ingredients from local farmers and is dedicated to giving back to their Chicago community by donating 10% of their annual revenue to local organizations. 

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Still Austin Whiskey Co.

Still Austin Whiskey Co. was founded by a father-son duo in an effort to build a better relationship after the son, Chris Seals, came out to his father and co-founder, Cleveland Seals. The bonding experience of starting a company together encouraged Cleveland to take pride in Chris’ LGBTQIA+ identity, bringing them closer than ever before. Created in the heart of Austin, Texas, this brand’s goal from its inception was to create something unlike anything done before – from hand-painted original label art and Texas-grown grains to sustainable barrels and customized distillation techniques.

Austin-based Tamalitoz founders holding candy packages.


Tamalitoz was first created by the husband-and-husband team, Jack and Dec, in the heart of their Mexico City candy shop, Sugarox Candy Studio. The duo was inspired by the tangy flavors of Mexican candy and wanted to create their own unique blend of flavors that represented both of them (Jack being Mexican and Dec from Britain). Since then, Tamalitoz has been born. The candy brand proudly embraces LGBTQIA+ inclusivity and is continuously growing with their retail expansion all over the country.

Curated with you in mind

Inclusivity and representation are not just values, but guiding principles that shape every aspect of our curated guides at The Hook Report. In this particular roundup, we handpicked 7 brands that represent LGBTQIA+ voices with their conscious brands and diverse perspectives. With thousands of queer brands on the market, there’s a plethora of options to pick from. Now that you have an idea of where to start, you have the power to help shape a more inclusive and represented marketplace!

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